Digital innovations at the last mile of agriculture – Empowering smallholder farmers – ICT4D 2015 Conference

SourceTrace Systems, CEO, Dr Venkat Maroju has been invited for the conference ” ICT4D 2015 – INCREASING IMPACT THROUGH INNOVATION” held between May 27-29, 2015 at Chicago, IL, USA,Q-Centre. This conference is aimed to have thought process of exploring ways to systematically integrating ICT innovations in relief and development programs of farming community. The result of the discussion was expected to fulfil the innovations that enhance program quality, improve decision making, and increase the impact on smallholder farmers. The leaders across the Globe brain stormed and laid out a way to see the innovations as interventions. Dr Venkat Maroju – CEO, SourceTrace Systems, shared his experience on innovative ICT solutions that can enhance and uplift the smallholder farmer productivity and economic viability by monitoring and evaluating sustainable food production. SourceTrace innovative solutions are being adopted in different continents with huge farmer base. Dr.Venkat’s presentation further augmented the need for innovations & interventions in Agri based ICT tools, which are perceived as indicators for the results achieved in sustainable food production and improving economic viability of smallholder farmers.”

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