Agriculture Solutions

From faraway fields to buying stations, from auction to customer, connecting and following the links in an agricultural value chain can be a challenge of global proportions. The SourceTrace ESE™ Agriculture solution tracks the flow of goods from the source to the central processing facilities even in the world’s most remote areas. Data collected on mobile devices can instantly feed sophisticated, powerful flow-of-goods analytics that let your company respond to the market instantly.


  • Global visibility of operations and supply chain
  • Greater transparency
  • Ensure source traceability
  • Near real-time business intelligence
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased internal controls
  • Better resource management
  • Increased capacity to grow

ESE™ Agri Solution modules

The SourceTrace ESE™ Agri solution is designed specifically for your market and business processes. The core modules of Agri solution are:

Farmer Enrollment

The Farmer Enrollment module enables your business to capture information directly from smallholder farmers and other providers on the field.

  • Provides a unified and up-to-date farmer database
  • GPS technology and photos trace the source of goods
  • Captures the profile of the smallholder farmer, family group, farms and crops