Rehauling the Food Safety System: FSMA

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019


Foodborne illnesses are always a potential public health burden.  Every year in the United States, 48 million people (that’s one in six) get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and another 3000 die each year from foodborne illnesses.*  This points to the fact that without a proper food safety legislation, the threat of a public hazard is […]

digital agriculture

Data-driven agriculture and Smallholder Farmer : The entire buzz about data-driven agriculture at times brings our attention back to the smallholder farmer, whose communities have been engaged in agriculture over generations, and who produce the majority of the world’s food.  Where does he fit in the new scheme of things, in which data generation and […]

Aromatic Plant

A plant can actually have properties similar to pharmaceutical drugs, and people have been using them throughout history to either cure an illness or lessen its symptoms – and these plants fall in the category of medicinal plants.  Medicinal plants have the ability to synthesize a wide variety of chemical compounds that are used to […]

Cocoa farm to chocolate

Cocoa-based chocolates are hot favorites as gifting options – be it on birthdays, anniversaries, or even on Valentine’s Day.  Discovered by the Spanish when they invaded native cultures, cocoa was kept a secret for a hundred years.  But it soon landed in Europe through trade routes, where, at that time, it was consumed only by […]

Seeds: The Treasury of Agriculture

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Seeds Treasury of Agriculture

At the base of the entire agrarian system is the seed.  Without a way to preserve and propagate the seed, what would be left of agriculture? As we know, in the way primitive agriculture was practiced, after the harvest, farmers used to retain a part of the seeds to be planted in the next season. […]

Agriculture Marketing

Henry C. Wallace, one of the former Secretaries of Agriculture of the United States, had once remarked, “Agriculture is our greatest industry, transportation our second greatest.  These two industries are dependent upon one another, and the national well-being is dependent on both”. This statement simply puts in perspective the remarkable impact that a reliable and […]

Fruit Traceability Solutions

Welcome to the Kashmir Valley, and to the breath-taking views of its apple orchards. As India’s major apple basket, 90 percent of Kashmir’s horticultural area is under apple cultivation, spreading across nearly 165,000 hectares, next only to China. Kashmir apples are superior in taste –being sweet and juicy, it is popular in the market, but […]

aarong SourceTrace

Indigenous craft, contemporary design, innovative marketing, social compliance norms, and SourceTrace’s solution come together on a common platform at Aarong Vibrant colours, intricate designs and an array of textures line the shelves of Aarong, Bangladesh’s premier fashion store.  But behind these eye-catching and appealing products is the story of how indigenous craft, contemporary design, innovate […]

All about Organic Certification

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019


The movement towards organic agriculture began even as synthetic inputs were still finding its way into farms in many countries.  While chemical farming was becoming the order of the day, in some quiet corners of the world, as early as the 1940’s, emerged a trend that moved away from this growing reliance on synthetic fertilizers […]

Food and Beverage Technology Review

Today, at SourceTrace we’re happy to share our moment of pride and fulfillment, having made it as the cover story in the Food and Beverage Tech Review.

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