Food Safety through Traceability

Incidences of the breach of food safety come to the fore off and on, and one of the instances etched in our minds is perhaps when Maggi was recalled from the shelves of Indian stores as it tested positive for lead.  While the company lost a lot of revenue, this crisis marked one of the […]


Millets are our new-age, climate-smart cereals. These nutrient-rich grains, that were fast fading away during the 2000’s, making way for rice, wheat, pulses and oil seeds, are now making a comeback. Millets come with multiple benefits: they can grow in poor soil conditions, and consumes less water. To get a relative sense, to grow 1 […]

Growing plants without soil

Growing plants without the medium of soil is gaining more and more traction with advanced technologies like aeroponics and hydroponics. The major advantage with these methods is the way in which plants can be grown in a controlled environment. This enables the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and leaves that would otherwise not grow in the […]


The movement out of agriculture Stories of entire communities migrating from the villages to the cities, of people giving up agriculture and moving into other employment, is rife in the news.  In the mainstream movement outward from agriculture, the young people who have given up their family’s agricultural enterprise often get branded as “not interested” […]

Cut Food Losses, Ring in Sustainability

Friday, April 27th, 2018

Food waste

Can you imagine that a third of the food produced worldwide, or 1.3 billion metric tonnes, is thrown away – in a situation where one in three persons in the world are not getting the right food in the right quantity? If we could recover just a fourth of this wasted food, it could feed […]

Edible oil Industry

Which oil is good for you? Look around the shelves at your local grocery store – and you’ll find a wide variety of edible oils- vegetable, coconut, soya bean, rice bran, olive, rapeseed, and many others. These oils are used for cooking or garnishing, and can also be flavoured with herbs, garlic or chilli. While […]

Digital Agriculture

Agricultural practices across the world are variable, just as both plants and their growth patterns differ according to their geography. Yet, sharing of knowledge from different groups of people involved in agriculture can bring about improvements in many-a-technique. One field of knowledge that has come to the aid of such sharing is Information Technology. Farming […]


The Champagne wine region, located about a 100 miles from Paris, lies in the historical province of Champagne in the northeast of France. Most famous for the production of the ‘sparkling white wine’, the wines produced here exclusively are named ‘Champagne’. The proximity to Paris undoubtedly enabled its economic success, as the 17th and 18th […]

As Bright and Cheery as the Sunflower

Thursday, March 8th, 2018


If you’ve ever passed by a sunflower field, you’ll agree it’s one of the cheeriest sights ever! The bright and cheerful sunflower, one of the most popular summer flowers, is also one of the most versatile of plants in the world. Little wonder then that they are a favourite with gardeners for ease of growing […]

Food and Beverage Technology Review

Today, at SourceTrace we’re happy to share our moment of pride and fulfillment, having made it as the cover story in the Food and Beverage Tech Review.

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