Rice Varieties

S.R. Srinivasamurthy, a farmer from the Narsipur Taluk of Karnataka, embarked on a tour of the country in a bid to collect different species of rice in order to build a seed bank. His exploratory journey seeking such rare rice varieties took him all the way to V aranasi in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra and […]

Cereals – the staples of our food

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


It was a whopping 12,000 years ago that farming communities cultivated the first cereal grains in the Fertile Crescent area of southwest Asia! Cereals were the first ever crops to be cultivated by people, and it is the most important source of the world’s total food. When we say ‘cereals’, it refers to rice, wheat, […]

Soil Agriculture

It’s not without reason that former American President, Franklin D Roosevelt, said, “A nation that destroys its soil destroys itself”. This is so true, because soil is a key element in agriculture – without it we would not be able to grow the crops that provide us with food. A soil in good condition renders […]

Darjeeling Tea

Today, tea has become an everyday beverage in India. It’s not only that more than eight in ten households in India drink tea, but that India is also the largest producer of tea in the world, producing nearly 30 per cent of the world’s tea. This has led to Indian tea companies having acquired several […]

When a drought strikes…

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Farm Drought

The discussion on drought-resistant crops has been gaining momentum in recent times; this is primarily because drought is one of the adverse consequences of the climate change that the earth is experiencing. When droughts become more frequent as a result of this climate change, it will significantly impact crop and livestock production system. And unlike […]

SourceTrace Mobile Application

‘Transparency’, ‘ready availability of data’, ‘digital solutions through mobile applications’, and the like are all terms that didn’t exist in the jargon of the agricultural sector until some time ago – but they have turned into buzzwords today. Novel as the concept is and hi-tech as it may sound, at the bottom it actually contributes […]


If there’s one rhetoric in the agriculture and food security sector that’s doing the been doing the rounds on a regular basis, it is that food production needs to grow by 70 per cent in order to feed a world population that is estimated to grow to 9 million by 2050. Adding to this is […]

Food Traceability

An important concept that’s here to stay in our food production and consumption standards is ‘traceability’; which means that the food on our plates can actually be traced back to the farm on which it was grown. This has given rise to the terminology ‘farm to fork traceability or food traceability’. Traceability can be considered […]


All over the world, more and more farmers and farming systems are moving away from large-scale monoculture crops and returning to the ‘integrated farm’ model that produces a variety of crops and vegetables, and also rears livestock. Having come full circle, it is clear that such farming systems are so much more viable for farmers, […]