Farm Traceability Software

  • Traceability is an increasingly common element of public and private systems for monitoring compliance with quality, environmental, and other product and/or process attributes related to food. Traceability is therefore becoming a pre-requisite to establish safety of food products
  • SourceTrace has built-in traceability capability in DATAGREEN Software
  • Unique ID generation of farmer, farms, and location
  • Generation of batch/labels of produce with Bar/QR codes
  • Capturing the produce movement till the processing plant
  • Generate Bar/QR code based traceability system till the consumer point
  • Internationally accepted numbering system can be followed for traceability systems
  • GS1 or any other standard registration can be integrated
  • Printable traceability label/QR code can be generated

Process Flow

Mobile application for Field Agents

  • Able to record transaction on field
  • Works with or without internet
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can generate on spot print for each transaction
  • QR code enabled application
  • Records each activity which is sends directly to the web server application

Desktop web access for Management and Central operations

  • Gets real time reports, charts
  • Advanced analytical reports
  • Critical for decision making
  • Effectively can able to undertake corrective action plan
  • View of the entire business operation at a glance
  • Customized graphs, charts and diagrams
  • Compiles data from all the field mobiles

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