Farmer/Beneficiary Enrolment with GPS Mapping

  • Name, Age, Gender Family details, complete address, Total land holding details
  • Additional details like literacy level, contact details, Bank information etc.
  • Source of other Income, Irrigation type etc.
  • Photo with GPS coordinates


Farm Data

  • Complete farm information with its GPS coordinates and photo
  • Total land, cultivable land and the crop land for the season
  • Land ownership details
  • Soil type, pH, Texture, Soil EC etc.
  • Land gradient, Fencing, Irrigation source etc.


Crop Area Mapping

  • Exact area measurement using Geo location and plotting
  • Route mapping, distance calculation etc.
  • Cultivable area with GPS



  • Monitoring real time information from farmer field/activity area
  • Regular and periodic observation using established template for recording pest, disease and other community development activities
  • Monitoring irrigation, fertigation and other input application
  • All the details can be captured with photographs & GPS to validate the records
  • Real time photos of the operation/observation can be sent and the Manager can view this in real time.


SMS advisory and Voice messaging

  • Disseminate all information about management to the field staff
  • Messaging details about meeting and other information related to the field activities
  • Farmer can share his observation using voice messaging, which the farm management can listen and act accordingly.


  • Manage and track the distribution of inputs such as seedlings for commercial production, fertilizers, pesticides etc.
  • Exclusive tracking of input distributed through field staff and or using other local partners in the project area.
  • Financial management of distributed products against their harvest produce. Managing quantity or quality rejections of inputs and replacement mechanism


  • The optimum utilization of any resource with high degree of output lies with timely implementing scheduled operations.
  • This can be achieved through monitoring the activities with established procedures.
  • This can be interpreted in seasonal calendar, so that the project can monitor and suggest a best way around to reap maximum benefit.
  • This will also give indication of input requirement, logistics need and produce availability at given point of time.


  • Monitoring field staff activity in real time
  • Authentication of field records sent by field staff using his GPS coordinates at the time of sending the report.
  • Reports validation at real time
  • Tracking of field staff activities using GPS
  • Accountability of the field staff in the project management can be validated


  • Yield estimation of field, cluster, village and planning harvest strategy
  • Pre-harvest information collection
  • Post-harvest information like actual yield, grade, quantity dispatched etc.
  • Accounting farmer produce and farmer payment


Socio economic survey with dynamic reporting

  • Recording real time survey of the various farm/social activities cab ne recorded using user friendly application
  • The dynamic report generated on daily/weekly/monthly basis could be delivered to the concerned recipients automatically.
  • If there is any non-conformities observed, suitable mechanism to address the issue could be evolved.
  • Corrective action plan reporting for all society inclusive projects.


  • Real time information of project can be viewed in pictorial representation like graphs, charts etc.
  • Farmer/beneficiary location across different locations, states can be viewed using the map
  • Customizable dashboard
  • All kinds of reports like distribution, sowing, monitoring, irrigation, fertilizer, chemical usage, harvest, transport, social activities, achievements and improvements can be generated
  • Customizable reports based on project management need.