Forestry Solutions

SourceTrace ESE™ Forestry is a Mobile Data Management Solutions to map and manage Forestry activities and provide complete visibility of operation on real time basis

ESE™ Forestry solution captures data even in remote, low bandwidth environments.

Farm Forestry Module

  • Farmer Enrolment & GIS
  • Geoplotting
  • Distribution of Seedling and Inputs
  • Pre and Post-Planting Inspection
  • Periodic or need based inspection
  • Pulpwood harvest and supply management
  • Post Harvest Inspection
  • 2 way communication between project and farmer
  • FSC certification and Traceability

ESE™ Forestry Features

  • Forest Research Centre with GIS
  • Capturing Research Experiment data
  • Periodic observation and recording of experiment plots
  • Mobile user tracking
  • Dash boards, Built in Reports using annova tool and analytics

Farm Forestry Module

  • Monitoring research activitie like Germplasam, Genotype,Pulp tree mapping & 'identifications, nursery trials, Tissue culture
  • Research centre enrolment
  • Experiment data capture
  • Traceability

Captive Forestry Module

  • Enrollement and geo-tagging
  • Planting and monitoring 1/1
  • Plot monitoring
  • Harvesting and Supply
  • Analytical reports
  • Traceability & Certifications