M and E Solution

  • ESE™ M&E enables government organizations, NGO’s, farmer organizations, traders and third parties to collect, store, verify, analyze and report on sustainability, impact and certification indicators using mobile and web apps
  • SourceTrace has built-in M&E capability in ESE™ Software
  • Farmer Organization (or Cooperatives) are enrolled to group the farmers inside it
  • Farmer and Farm Enrollment
  • Infrastructure items are geo referenced elements on which data can be collected
  • Farm Area calculation using built-in mobile GPS
  • Additional evidence capture through photos & GPS location
  • Customised surveys

Process Flow

Data Collection

  • 1Survey Creator Tool
  • 2New Survey Template Creation
  • 3Survey Publication
  • 4Data Collection
  • 5Data processing
  • 6Data analysing
  • 7Improvements needed

Data Types

Normal Survey

Collected data is stored for reporting purposes in the central database

GPS Survey

Collected data is geo-referenced and allows to attach a mapped area or mapped items like warehouse, schools, processing facilities, etc..

Certification Survey

Internal audit cycle is structured to collect data over many years, and compare the collected data against a certification standard. This is also known as Internal Control System (ICS)

Diagnostic Survey

Collected data is processed against a diagnostic template and a score is calculated for each survey section and aggregated for the entire survey. Simple pass/fail result enable us to diagnose big volume of data

Mobile application for Field Agents

  • Able to record transaction on field
  • Works with or without internet
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can generate on spot print for each transaction
  • QR code enabled application
  • Records each activity which is sends directly to the web server application

Desktop web access for Management and Central operations

  • Gets real time reports, charts
  • Advanced analytical reports
  • Critical for decision making
  • Effectively can able to undertake corrective action plan
  • View of the entire business operation at a glance
  • Customized graphs, charts and diagrams
  • Compiles data from all the field mobiles