The eServices Everywhere (ESE™) Platform

SourceTrace Systems eServices Everywhere™ (ESE™) platform sets the industry standard for remote data transaction systems with robust applications that have been deployed in low-bandwidth environments on three continents. Designed for emerging markets with narrowband communications, ESE™ is optimized to use small data packets and wireless transactions to reduce costs and maximize speed.

The ESE platform is easily integrated with most of the standard “Backend Systems”. The ESE™ platform is designed to meet the server-side security demands of multinational corporations offering unequaled reliability, real time processing and accurate data recording with a clear audit trail.

The platform is comprised of:

  • ESE™ Remote: flexibility to transmit data using Java-phones, Tablets and Smartphones
  • ESE™ Server: visibility and management of global data and remote devices
  • ESE™ Adapter: our middleware for interconnection with existing “Backend Systems”

High level diagram of ESE™ platform:

The ESE platform

ESE™ Remote

The ESE ™ Remote application offers a solution for immediate remote transaction. It is designed for the most demanding environments with low bandwidth or even without a permanent connection.

The ESE™ Remote application allows transactions in various remote devices like regular Java enabled phones, Smartphones, Tablets and POS-like devices as well as standard computers and laptops.

The ESE ™ Remote application integrates several peripherals such as:

  • Fingerprint biometrics
  • Smart cards reader
  • GPS through built-in phone GPS device
  • 1D (barcode) and 2D (QR code) barcode scanning
  • Digital image capture through built-in phone camera
  • Printing of receipts and stickers through mobile printer
  • Connecting other external devices via Bluetooth such as Digital Scales and other

ESE™ Server

The ESE™ Server application is the transactional software in charge to set and manage the communications with ESE™ Remote application.

The ESE™ Server provides a Web interface for configuring and administering the ESE™ technology. Administrators of the ESE™ platform are able to manage remote devices and users. ESE™ Server also provides the Web users access to Custom Reports, Charts and Digital Maps to display geographic information related with transactions.

The ESE™ Server has a transactional engine responsible for receiving and responding to all transactional requests made by the remote devices.

The transactional engine of ESE™ Server has a complex logic that allows a per transaction level of authentication with reliability and robustness, and uses advanced rollback techniques to maintain the integrity of transactions (in remote devices and centralized systems) in case of breakdowns in communications.

ESE™ Adapter

The ESE™ Adapter allows ESE™ platform to interface with multiple “Backend Systems”. Thus, ESE™ platform has the potential of unprecedented interconnectedness, as it allows integrating a wide variety of backend systems with different standards and technologies regardless of their size. The ESE™ Adapter allows you to:

  • Establish interfaces with off-line systems for batch processing.
  • Establish interfaces with online systems for real-time processing.
  • Supports standard and proprietary methods of data exchange using:
    • Web Services, SOAP, XML
    • ISO 8583
    • JDBC / ODBC
    • TCP / IP and RAW socket
    • Message Queue
    • Enterprise Service Bus
    • Exchange via text files
  • Establish scheduled tasks, such as implementation of data reconciliation processes or catalog updates. This feature is independent for every “Backend System”
  • Establish business rules specific for communications with every “Backend System”