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Its 21st century and agriculture is transforming rapidly than ever with the healthy implementation of contemporary technologies such as IoT, GIS, Machine learning, satellite imagery, to name a few. Consequently, a new way is being paved with the help of cutting-edge technology that makes agriculture efficient, sustainable and empowers farmers and agriculturists by ensuring climate, […]

Digital Agriculture in Bangladesh

Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Context Bangladesh is largely an agrarian economy, farming and agriculture accounts for 16 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP), almost half (about 47 per cent) of the working population depends on this sector for food security and poverty mitigation. With its population projected to reach 230-250 million by 2050, the country faces declining […]

ICT and Mobile Apps drive Global Agriculture The entry of mobile and cloud-based apps We’ve come to a time in civilization when raw materials and resources are becoming ever more scarce. When we take into consideration the pollution, increased emissions, soil degradation, and water depletion, we know the sustainability challenges that loom in the horizon […]

Apmas Sourcetrace

SourceTrace is honored to announce their association with APMAS as a technology provider. APMAS objectives is to promote livelihood and food security by supporting and promoting Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs), especially small and marginal landholders. As part of adaptation of technologies, APMAS has implemented Source Trace Systems innovative farmer centric mobile applications, for their FPOs […]

SourceTrace Systems DATAGREEN (DG) platform enables Farmer Organizations, to create and maintain a digital Internal Control System (ICS) to support Internal Audit and certification process and to report sustainability data using mobile applications: Source Trace DATAGREEN (DG) features: Mobile applications that works online and offline Farm/pond perimeter plotting and area calculation using phone built-in GPS […]

SourceTrace Systems, CEO, Dr Venkat Maroju has been invited for the conference ” ICT4D 2015 – INCREASING IMPACT THROUGH INNOVATION” held between May 27-29, 2015 at Chicago, IL, USA,Q-Centre. This conference is aimed to have thought process of exploring ways to systematically integrating ICT innovations in relief and development programs of farming community. The result […]

This article was posted by Prerna Sharma on DataQuest, the journalist has done a story titled “How mobile apps are helping agriculture in achieving sustainable development?“ The story talks about how Technology has become the DNA of every sector and this can also be seen in the agricultural sector. In this regard, SourceTrace addresses this […]

SourceTrace Systems, CEO, Mr Venkat Maroju has been published an article about Mobile software for agriculture in the title of ” Mobile Applications Extending to the Last Mile of Agriculture Value Chain” with Thinking Aloud. The Article has been appeared online. Source:   SourceTrace Systems – Farmer centric solution from SourceTrace Systems Tweet Share