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Aquaculture in river deltas

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Aquaculture in river deltas-SourceTrace

River deltas are hotspots for aquaculture.  These are landforms formed by the deposition of sediment carried by the river as it flows to the mouth of the sea, giving rise to slow-moving or stagnant water.  The brackish water and absence of strong currents provide ideal conditions for fish and crustaceans to breed, thus making it […]


All over the world, more and more farmers and farming systems are moving away from large-scale monoculture crops and returning to the ‘integrated farm’ model that produces a variety of crops and vegetables, and also rears livestock. Having come full circle, it is clear that such farming systems are so much more viable for farmers, […]

sustainable Aquaculture

Thousands of years ago, in China, the practice of growing and harvesting fish originated.  This practice that provided a source of protein for the population has evolved into a system called fish farming or aquaculture.  In simple terms, it is the farming and harvesting of fresh or salt water fish and shell fish.  Today, a […]

National Fish & Seafood a global leader in seafood industry has partnered with SourceTrace Systems a leading mobile technology solution provider in agriculture and allied sector operating in more than 3 continents and reaching out to more than 200,000 farmers for launching SourceTrace cloud-based mobile application for Traceability in certifying Aqua Farms. The launch will […]