How Source Trace DATAGREEN (DG) cloud based mobility solution helps facilitate Internal control systems(ICS) for sustainable certification programme

SourceTrace Systems DATAGREEN (DG) platform enables Farmer Organizations, to create and maintain a digital Internal Control System (ICS) to support Internal Audit and certification process and to report sustainability data using mobile applications:

Source Trace DATAGREEN (DG) features:

  • Mobile applications that works online and offline
  • Farm/pond perimeter plotting and area calculation using phone built-in GPS
  • Ready-to-use certification templates for (BAP),Global G.A.P NatureLand, Fairtrade, Organic , Rainforest Alliance & UTZ
  • Supports customized Sustainability Monitoring and Evaluation programs
  • Fully customizable surveys or internal audit programs
  • Full profile for Farmer Organization, Farmer, Farm , Pond and Crop
  • Geo reference data and pictures of the farm/pond for source traceability
  • Track of certification premiums


  • Higher data consistency through data verification
  • Less time to process data (collection, transcription, transmission and data storage) compared with traditional methods (paper + Excel), i. e no more paper or excel sheets for ICS
  • Improvement opportunities through targeted trainings for farmers
  • Reduction in ICS support and maintenance cost, and increases in control and follow-up over non compliances
  • Collection of data directly from the field; saving time and increasing data integrity
  • Highly scalable, from hundreds to thousands of farmers
  • Supports multiple Farmer Organizations
  • Centralised database

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