Implementation of Agriculture Cooperative Solutions – International Conference, Costa Rica

SourceTrace Systems, VP of Technology Strategy, Mr Tadeo Cwierz has been invited for the conference “Conferencia Internacional sobre competitividad cooperativa y la economía digital: En el marco de la Economía Social Solidaria” in May 4-7, 2015 San José, Costa Rica, Parque del Lago Hotel. This conference is organized for cooperatives in the Americas, with a great significance on economic and social impact. It is directed to Chairmen of the Board of Directors, CEOs (CEOs), Financial Managers and Information Technology, government officials and Financial Institutions. The main theme of this conference is cooperation between cooperatives to strengthen the competitiveness and integration into the digital economy. Mr Tadeo Cwierz shared their experience in implementing Agricultural Cooperatives solutions, on the topic “Aplicaciones móviles en entornos Cooperativos”. This presentation helps attendees to discuss about, improving the productivity and economic viability of the smallholder farmers associated with cooperatives, sharing information across cooperatives and other actors which is vital to achieving sustainable food production.”

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