Of Leaps and Bounds into the Emerald Isle


SourceTrace Systems has signed up with Saaraketha, a completely organic food production enterprise headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka, marking its foray into the emerald isle.  Saaraketha specializes in the production of organic foods through engaging smallholder farmers who want to embrace sustainable methods of production.

All across the globe, consumers who are politically and environmentally aware are in the mode of putting “real” food on the table, such as organic fruits and organic vegetables, as well as organically produced grains.  By all means, consumers want to eat food that is free of chemicals and toxins, even though more expensive.  This should be understood as much as a preventive health strategy, as a shift towards eco-consciousness – and Sri Lanka is no exception to this movement.

The catch is that Saaraketha’s smallholder farmers require to be certified as producers of organic foods, which entails adherence to stringent norms that match European and U.S. standards of certification from Control Union Certifications, JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).  Acquiring such certification calls for monitoring of Internal Control Systems on a crop-stage wise basis, and this is where SourceTrace’s applications come in.  SourceTrace provides digital applications and templates for various organic certifications.  Additionally available are add-on templates for Fairtrade, GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and Organic Certifications if required.  Such a system relieves the pressure on manual data collection.  Instead, data entered digitally and instantly saves transcription time, while also ensuring higher quality and integrity.  Every bit of data collected and entered is geographically referenced with pictures of the farm so that traceability to source is possible, if at all required.

These applications enable Saaraketha to keep track of non-conformities, take corrective action, thus reducing potential losses and increasing efficiency.  The transfer of knowledge, entrepreneurship and access to technology empowers local farming communities.  They are accorded the dignity that their way of life deserves – as producers of certified organic food.

Saaraketha firmly believes that food should be a celebration of goodness, and an exciting connection between us and what nourishes us.  Colombo’s new address definitely delivers that.  Check out the range of organic vegetables and fruits – from banana blossoms to pineapple, and also other items like several varieties of rice, all of which can be categorized under “certified organic food”.

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