MEETADVISORS – Control Versus Freedom: The Most Important Balance In Business Leadership

This article was posted by Naftali Garber on MEETADVISORS, the journalist has done a story titled “Control Versus Freedom: The Most Important Balance In Business Leadership“ The story talks about “As a business owner, you will often find yourself at a fork in the road. You will ask yourself, “Which direction will benefit my business to the fullest? Left or right?” Coming up with the answer and making the decision is never easy, but having a strong, supportive team makes it a lot less stressful. When the time comes to make these decisions, do not panic. Think out loud and then logically make the decision. Here are a few companies that have properly dealt with making the toughest decisions they had to make as business owners.”.


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Covid has impacted agriculture across the world. But how is it specifically affecting farmers in Africa?

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Case Study
Here is a case study of how SourceTrace’s digital solutions have supported Chetna Organic Agriculture Producer Company – India


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Today, at SourceTrace we’re happy to share our moment of pride and fulfillment, having made it as the cover story in the Food and Beverage Tech Review.

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