Disruption and damage – When the global food supply chains were going through a transition, from farm to fork, the pandemic COVID-19 happened and damaged the entire ecosystem. From farms to the consumer, the supply chain came crashing. It is predicted that by the end of this year 2020, more than 130 million people would […]

Impact of Climate Changes on Agriculture: There is a long list of issues in the world to address – poverty, hunger, drought, polluted air, water, lack of basic sanitation, poor health, to name a few. COVID-19 has only increased the current problems for the global economy. Before we move further to discuss how climate and […]

Digitisation and Traceability in the Seed Industry-SourceTrace

The innumerable diversity of seeds for agriculture and horticulture is established from centuries old traditions when migration was very common. As the demand of food crops grew the communities began collecting, conserving, and recently the vogue of including them in dry roasted forms for direct human consumption in cereals, energy bars and also raw as […]

Role of Agri-technology in food exports post COVID 19-SourceTrace

From farm to retail, the food export industry is facing prolonged challenges but at the same time, advanced technology has aided the industry to keep its business flourishing. But for how long? Will agri-tech revolutionize the industry ? Will exporters be in a better position? The recent COVID 19 pandemic has exerted an immediate, serious, […]

Tracing food origin and chain of custody, transparent quality testing to monitor ethical and sustainable practices in delivering safe food to consumers. Defining the Need: Global food processing and manufacturing giants are paying much attention to research in ensuring the quality of farm produce and food safety. Undeniably, earmarking the quality of the agro-produce is […]

The time has come to re-design Warehouse and Cold-Chain management using transformative technologies. Ensure greater food safety and flexibility with our innovative solutions. New trends and technologies have disrupted the global supply chain. Supply-chain Traceability plays an increasingly important role in the food industry warehouse and cold-chain management. According to a report by LogisticsIQ, India, […]

Crop Damage Assessment

After any natural catastrophe it is imperative to answer the questions such as how much damage have happened? Locations where the damage is high? This could aid the government and insurance companies in speedy and reasonable payouts to the individuals affected. The satellite imagery from remote sensing is adequately used in crop loss and damage […]

How traceability can boost Southeast Asia’s export potential-SourceTrace

ASEAN is one of the most productive agri baskets of the world, with many countries showing increased production over the years. Over the last two decades, the demand for fruits and vegetables, processed food, aquaculture, and halal is observing an exponential growth in countries around the world. Paddy cultivation increased by 1.79% between 2018/19. ASEAN’s […]

Digital innovations to enhance supply chain management

Supply chain, in reality, is much more than the supply of physical goods and this calls for robust processes and operations to be able to keep pace with the digitally transformed world. On the one hand, digital technologies have brought about a fundamental shift in consumer behaviours in recent years but events like the current […]

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