Aquaculture in river deltas

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

Aquaculture in river deltas-SourceTrace

River deltas are hotspots for aquaculture.  These are landforms formed by the deposition of sediment carried by the river as it flows to the mouth of the sea, giving rise to slow-moving or stagnant water.  The brackish water and absence of strong currents provide ideal conditions for fish and crustaceans to breed, thus making it […]

Farmer Software

The agriculture of today needs to feed a growing world at a time when there are fewer people on farms, and still fewer acres in production each year.  The only way to meet the challenge is to produce more with less.  The two important components in doing this are technology and management: thus farms, big […]

Agribusiness Solutions and strategies

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Agri Business Solutions

A business that derives its primary income from an agricultural input or process is called agribusiness. Agribusinesses quite often don’t deal with actual farming but are in the business of producing farm inputs, such as farm machinery and seeds. Agribusinesses also take up marketing of farm products – and these include facilities like warehouses, wholesale, […]

Farm Software Agri Solution

No longer are farmers using notebooks and spreadsheets to manage farms and keep records – they are fast making the switch to farm management software.  The modern farm is coping with a great deal more than food production: climate change, pest and disease attack, decreasing soil fertility and depleting resources.  At the consumer end too, […]

Top 5 Technologies that aid Agriculture

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Top five technologies agriculture

Just as every sector has benefited from the impact of technology, so has agriculture. Farmers depend on information technology for many things; not just in managing farm operations. In fact, information technology has changed the way in which farmers manage crops and livestock. To sum up, such e-Agriculture is a new phenomenon, is here to […]

Food packaging

Not all food can be bought fresh off the producer’s or vendor’s shelves. Look around the grocery stores and supermarkets – you will find that every food product has its own type of packaging. A trip down the aisle in the supermarket is good enough to take note of that. In fact, even items that […]

Cloud Computing

It looks as if the time has come for agriculture, one of the earliest of occupations on the planet, to go hand in hand with one of the latest technologies – cloud computing.  One might wonder what there might be in common, but the truth is that applications of cloud computing be applied to the […]

Food Safety through Traceability

Incidences of the breach of food safety come to the fore off and on, and one of the instances etched in our minds is perhaps when Maggi was recalled from the shelves of Indian stores as it tested positive for lead.  While the company lost a lot of revenue, this crisis marked one of the […]


Millets are our new-age, climate-smart cereals. These nutrient-rich grains, that were fast fading away during the 2000’s, making way for rice, wheat, pulses and oil seeds, are now making a comeback. Millets come with multiple benefits: they can grow in poor soil conditions, and consumes less water. To get a relative sense, to grow 1 […]

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SourceTrace's advanced technology platform DATAGREEN provides comprehensive solutions to manage all aspects of the agricultural value chain.


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