SourceTrace is honored to announce their association with APMAS

Apmas Sourcetrace SourceTrace is honored to announce their association with APMAS as a technology provider. APMAS objectives is to promote livelihood and food security by supporting and promoting Farmers Producer Organizations (FPOs), especially small and marginal landholders.

As part of adaptation of technologies, APMAS has implemented Source Trace Systems innovative farmer centric mobile applications, for their FPOs in Anantapur and Chittoor districts of Andhra Pradesh covering more than 2000 smallholder farmers. The objective is to leverage innovations to increase the incomes of smallholder farmers, increase employment opportunities and improve regional food supply.

SourceTrace is very excited to work with organizations such as APMAS to fulfill its mission of bringing the latest digital technologies to the small farmer cooperatives and FPOs. SourceTrace has developed specialize solution suitable for FPO. The solution is highly scalable, and adaptable and works in areas with or without internet connectivity. SourceTrace Solution is also useful to manage, monitor and digitize any sustainable initiative directed towards tribal FPO Organization

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