Farm Traceability

SourceTrace's traceability solution enables tracing back the provenance of the produce to its origin, with details of farmer, farm location, date and time of harvest and complete visibility into the supply chain. By bringing transparency and trust, traceability has become a critical tool to reduce risk and build consumer confidence.

Our traceability solutions have already been implemented across countries and crops in Asia and Africa. From crops, such as, coffee, vanilla and cotton to stakeholders, such as, exporters, food and retail businesses and food processors, our traceability solutions have been used across the value chain. You can read about a few of them in our case studies section too. If you wish to know, how we can help you trace your produce, request a demo here

  • Traceability is an increasingly common element of public and private systems for monitoring compliance with quality, environmental, and other product and/or process attributes related to food. Traceability is therefore becoming a pre-requisite to establish safety of food products
  • SourceTrace has built-in traceability capability in DATAGREEN Software
  • Unique ID generation of farmer, farms, and location
  • Generation of batch/labels of produce with Bar/QR codes
  • Capturing the produce movement till the processing plant
  • Generate Bar/QR code based traceability system till the consumer point
  • Internationally accepted numbering system can be followed for traceability systems
  • GS1 or any other standard registration can be integrated
  • Printable traceability label/QR code can be generated

Process Flow

Mobile application for Field Agents

  • Able to record transaction on field
  • Works with or without internet
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can generate on spot print for each transaction
  • QR code enabled application
  • Records each activity which is sends directly to the web server application

Desktop web access for Management and Central operations

  • Gets real time reports, charts
  • Advanced analytical reports
  • Critical for decision making
  • Effectively can able to undertake corrective action plan
  • View of the entire business operation at a glance
  • Customized graphs, charts and diagrams
  • Compiles data from all the field mobiles

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