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Data-driven digital innovations to transform the first mile of agriculture


SourceTrace is a SaaS (Software As A Service) company that focuses on sustainable agriculture and empowerment of farmers.

As the world population is estimated to grow to 9 billion by 2050, fifty percent more food will be required to feed the world. SourceTrace is helping farmers rise to the challenge through data-driven digital innovations that improve productivity and predictability in a sustainable manner.

SourceTrace's advanced technology platform DATAGREEN provides comprehensive solutions to manage all aspects of the agricultural value chain.


Farm Management

farm geo-referencing
Digitization of farmer/farm profile, including farm area and soil health, along with pictures, biometric data and geo-referencing of farm.
crop information
Crop information like sowing date, sowing area, yield estimation, harvest management and crop management practices.
crop calendar
Crop calendar aids in scheduling of various agronomic & crop production operations, monitoring farm activities and generating alerts and reminders.
Trace seed and track fertilizer, pesticides and other inputs used in the farm.
crop inspection
Periodic or need-based inspection for detection of pest and diseases, monitoring of crop growth and farm activities.

Farmer Advisory Services

advisory message
Sending advisory audio and text messages based on weather forecasts, crop calendars, pest and disease prevention/control and market alerts.
remote sensing
Remote sensing based NDVI data helps in monitoring the plant health and provides advice on application of fertilizer and irrigation.
weather forecast
Provides early warnings on upcoming weather conditions such as cyclones, drought and rain.
market price
Provides market price information so that farmers can get the best possible price.
new seeds
Provides information on new seeds, inputs and technology.


ics for certification
Enables farmer organizations to create and maintain a digital Internal Control System (ICS) for the certification process and compliance
certification templates
Ready- to-use certification templates are available for several recognized standards such as Organic, UTZ/Rainforest, Fairtrade, Global GAP etc.
track fertilizer
Keeps track of non-conformities, related corrective action plans and follow-up actions.
farm calculation
Digital calculation of farm area and geo-referencing of the farms to comply with new certification standards.

Monitoring & Evaluation

monitoring crops
Real-time monitoring & evaluation using dynamic survey tool designed specifically for agriculture projects.
ad hoc data
Ad hoc data can be collected in the survey format rapidly on different objects such as farmer, farm, farmer organizations, crops, dependents and community infrastructure elements such as schools, hospitals and community water resources.
on demand survey
On-demand surveys can be created and deployed to all the field staff instantly.
Captures M&E activities with geo-tagged photos.
field staff survey
Built-in surveys for certifications, child labour monitoring, farm diagnostics and farmer training.
Enables general surveys, diagnostic surveys, coaching and follow-up surveys.


Complete visibility of produce from farm to consumer for various value chains such as fresh produce, organic cotton, aquaculture, cocoa and coffee.
small farmer
Digital procurement transactions with lot numbers helps trace the origin of produce to farmer level.
Batch numbers
Batch/lot numbers keeps track of origin information such as farmer location, date of harvest , packing and transport information to scannable bar codes and QR code labels. Support GS1 and other standards
qr code traceability
QR Code / barcode-based traceability solutions allow consumers to trace the origins of food/clothes to the individual farmer/farmer groups.
GS1 Standards to improve business
Integration of GS1 or any other standard registration.

Supply Chain Management

supply chain visibility
Complete visibility of the supply chain all the way from farm to retail outlet on a real-time basis.
crop management
Forecast the volume and plan the harvest schedule based on the yield estimation, crop area and crop calendar.
farmer enrollment
Digitization of various farmer organizations and farmer groups, along with procurement transactions and place of procurement.
qr code print
Batch printing of QR Code and barcode labels of farmer/farm ids for supporting traceability.
digital payment integeration
Integration with digital payment systems enables faster and accurate payment to farmers.
trace seed
Tracks the current location of the produce through GPS tracking.

Market Linkage

global markets agri
Enable farmers to participate in global markets by providing visibility to the buyer.
message notification
Informing the farmer of available markets and prevailing prices.
agri certification
Digitized certification makes it easier to share farming practices with conscious buyers who are willing to pay premium prices.
commodity futures
Visibility to market prices and commodity futures can improve the prices paid to the farmers.
common portal
Connects farmers and buyers through a common portal.

Financial Services

financial agriculture
Comprehensive management of all financial services in agriculture value chain including credit, crop insurance, collections and payments.
financial transaction
Farmer groups and producer companies can digitize all financial transactions with the farmers and hence provide transparency and accuracy of their operations for accessing credit.
financial institutions
Minimize the risk of financial institutions to provide crop loans to the farmers by aiding in establishing farmers’ credit worthiness and real-time monitoring of the crop growth and yields.
transparent price
Agribusinesses can monitor buying and payment processes without any leakages in the system while ensuring fair and transparent prices and faster payments to farmers.
Farm business plans
Farm business plans can be generated based on the historic cost of cultivation and current market prices and farmers can be advised on which crops to grow.
digital payment
Integration with digital and mobile wallets can enhance the transparency of the transactions and enable faster payments to farmers.


data green technologies
mobile application

Mobile applications

Extreme competency to work at both offline and online modes even at low band with areas.

Remote sensing

Remote Sensing

Advanced weather-based advisories cloud/rain maps, geo-location of fields.

block chain


Offers highly protected data of supply chain, payment and KYC services through blockchain platform.



Enhanced predictability of crop fields. Early warning signs for pest and disease ETL levels in turn minimizing the risk of crop loss.



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